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May 29, 2020

Coming Soon Time in Status: Gradual Return to 21 Days

Please note: since this article was published, policy changes affecting the ability to show properties in coming soon status have been implemented. Please refer to our 6-4-21 blog HERE for clarification on these policy changes, or view the Clear Cooperation Policy page for further information regarding Coming Soon. 

Beginning June 1st, MARIS will begin the process of decreasing the extension of time in status for Coming Soon listings by one day, each day, until July 10th. On July 10th, the time in status will be reduced fully back to 21 days. June 1st will be the last day that MARIS will honor the full extension of 60 days in the Coming Soon status. On June 2nd, this will decrease to 59 days, continuing to decrease each day until July 10th. Following the July 10th date, all new Coming Soon listings will start at 21 days. This will remain the maximum number of days that a listing can be Coming Soon. ​Please view the below table for a visual representation of how this will occur. 


MARIS is here to help. Please reach out with any questions that may arise regarding the Coming Soon time in status extension. We are always available for support at or 314.984.9111.