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August 22, 2019

Floods Hit Close to Home

In May 2019, the U.S. saw more precipitation within a 12-month period than ever recorded. As floods hit close to home — Missouri and Illinois REALTORS® Relief Foundations help local communities.

The spring showers lasted well into the summer months this year, as we’ve consistently seen one rainstorm after another. With more rain over shorter periods of time, the Mississippi River hit its flood stage this past winter and much of it remained flooded until June. Even now, moderate flooding still remains in some areas. The Missouri River has also had its fair share of problems due to heavy rainfalls this year.

As a result, the Missouri REALTORS® Relief Foundation (MRRF) and Illinois REALTORS® Relief Foundation (IRRF) have been working hard to help those affected by flooding. These foundations were established by REALTORS® to help the local community in times of need.

MARIS recently contributed to these efforts by donating to the MRRF and IRRF. Remarkably, the combined donations of MARIS, Greater Gateway Association of REALTORS® and Illinois REALTORS® resulted in $25,000 donated to IRRF. It just goes to show that anything is possible when we work together to serve our communities.

“As a group of people who have a strong sense of community, it goes to show what is possible when we work together,”

said Tim Dain, CEO of MARIS.

During times like these, we encourage our members to consider donating to help your fellow REALTORS®, friends and neighbors.


Flood information available in Matrix and other MARIS products can help you keep your clients informed. For more comprehensive, in-depth data, try one of the low-cost certified flood reports from MyFloodStatus.

Use MyFloodStatus to get accurate flood determinations that go beyond the industry’s standard one-page Flood Hazard Form. It includes structure-based visual verification mapping detail based on the current effective FEMA map. If FEMA is proposing a map change, the MyFloodStatus report will also include the preliminary map, giving a heads-up to how the designation might change. Each report is backed by $2 Million of E&O insurance and includes free access to their Flood Resource Center.

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