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RPR Basics & Beyond: Pricing a Property - Residential

Your ability to price a property is paramount to your success as a REALTOR®, and RPR can assist you in several ways. This video lesson will walk you through three different ways to help you determine expert property valuations. The first is the RVM®, which stands for Realtor Valuation Model®, and it is one of the most accurate automated valuation models available. Next is RPR’s Refine Value tool, which allows you to adjust values based on property facts like home improvements, and conversely, needed improvements. The third method is how to create a CMA in RPR. Each of these methods go into creating an RPR Seller’s Report, which this video shows you how to do as well.

00:00 - Intro

00:37 - The RVM®

01:10 - The RVM® Confidence Score

01:21 - Refine Value Tool

02:52 - CMA

06:28 - Sellers Report

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