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Where is the Marketing Options Form?

Section 1.3 of the MARIS Rules & Regulations on Withheld Listings (formerly Section 2.G Exempted Listings) was updated and introduces the new Certification to Withhold Property Listing form which replaces the Marketing Options form that now reads:

If the seller refuses to permit the listing to be disseminated by the Service, the Participant may then take the listing and such listing shall be filed with the Service (under the Withheld status),but not disseminated to the Participants. A Certification to Withhold Property Listing form must be completed no later than five (5) business days following the contract’s execution date.  The completed form must be maintained with all other listing documents related to the property. Upon request from MARIS, this form must be provided within one (1) business day.

Click here to access the latest version of the Certification to Withhold form 

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