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How do I change 'Square Footage' in Zillow to Total Living Area?

The Square Footage value that is displayed for MARIS listings on Zillow changed from Above Grade Area to Total Living Area on January 28. We've had numerous requests to change this to a value that provides a more accurate representation of the total living area of a property.

If the Total Living Area field in the listing is zero or null, we will default to the Above Grade Square Footage.

This change will only be applied to listings that are not part of a custom brokerage feed and uses the MARIS direct feed. If your brokerage does not have a custom feed, the changes will automatically be reflected in Zillow.

If you have a custom brokerage feed to Zillow, your listings will remain as it currently is. You will need to reach out to your Zillow representative if you want to change how the Square Footage is displayed.

Zillow Square Footage

For additional guidance call us at 314.984.9111, option 1. We are always happy to help!

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