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November 29, 2018

A New MarketStats Solution

For most, the desired home buying experience is both joyful and idyllic - while containing all the charm and decision making of a major investment. Over the years the real estate business has changed, dramatically, as have the expectations of home buyers.

Today’s client is one that comes armed with the power of Google, expecting another level of expertise from their REALTOR®. They look to you, as the center of information, to help guide and inform them on a significant milestone within their life.

As a result, today’s REALTOR® needs to be heavily informed with the latest market trends and information for their clients and their business. Which is why we’re excited to provide you with a robust, new market stats suite.

What we like about MarketStats...

  • You can quickly and confidently answer the question ‘how is the market’?
  • Social integration makes it easy to share your market knowledge on social media platforms.
  • Customizable market area enables you to see market areas that are important to you.


Marketstats has three key components, each with a specific purpose.


Is the meat and potatoes of your new statistical suite and where you may spend most of your time. InfoSparks combines local geography with customizable housing variables, timeframes and market metrics. Helping you quickly analyze and share trend data in a clean and intuitive interface.




Is the buttercream icing on your proverbial cake. MarketView MLS expands upon InfoSparks by adding agent, broker and firm variables to the mix, as well as the ability to rank these new additions by the number of transaction sides. 




Is your drive-thru esque component of the suite. FastStats helps you quickly dig deeper into county and city data. It also includes a monthly indicator report which helps provide you with a narrative for quick talking points about market conditions.


Check it out for yourself via our products page, hop on a webinar or watch one of our videos to test drive our newest member benefit.