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July 22, 2019

Direct Mail Marketing Made Easier in RPR®

RPR® conducted an outreach initiative to MLS partners and REALTORS® to gain feedback on potential platform enhancements, and the most requested feature was the ability to print mailing labels. In July, RPR® released this as a new feature for RPR® Residential and Commercial.

Users can now create ready-to-print labels directly from their RPR® search! Labels are created from public record data and up to 2,000 mailing labels can be created each month. Counts are reset on the first day of the month. Agents can use mailing labels for direct mail marketing campaigns, including farming initiatives.


Access to mailing labels can be found at the top of the Search Results page. Labels are available for export in CSV or PDF format and can be customized before exporting, including selection of address types, filters, and more. (Tip: Select the appropriate search criteria and narrow your results before accessing labels.)

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