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July 25, 2018

Total Living Area Price Per Square Foot

As real estate professionals, we understand that home buyers often seek to purchase homes based off of their total living area needs. With this in mind, we now have new auto calculation features for the total living area, price per square foot!

*Total living area includes above grade and finished below grade square footage. For more information regarding what is considered finished below grade square footage, please check out our guidelines.

Detailed Display Page: In Matrix you can now view square footage calculations for both above grade and total living area. 

Client Portal: Do you have a client who is looking for a home based on the total living area? Clients can now view the total living area price per square foot via their client portal – making it easier for you to help them select a home that best fits their needs.

Total Living Area Search: We’ve added total living area to the search screen in Matrix! The total living area search field can now be found on the right sidebar of the search screen - Making it easier for you to locate listings based off of the total living area.

The total living area price per square foot calculations will be available in the data feeds for consumer websites – making it easier for buyers to view this information across different platforms.