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December 14, 2019

New Data Compliance Notifications

While data compliance and rules and regulations may not be sexy, they are vital to the integrity of real estate. 

MARIS cares about enabling you to succeed within your real estate business. This means that we care about really exciting things like new products and services, but it also means that we care about less glamorous things, like data compliance. 

On Monday, Dec 16, you will notice a subtle change in the notifications from our compliance software. Specifically, a different look and feel that better aligns with our education-first approach

What changed? The updated notifications more clearly outline why you are receiving the notification and show you where you are within the escalation process.  

Recap: Revised Rules and Regulations

In June, MARIS revised parts of our rules and regulations to make the rules easier to remember and provide educational information before taking disciplinary action.

Rules for Input and Display

There are now six simple rules that cover listing input and display. The two most notable rule changes to this section pertain to the number of days members have to enter a listing, and the number of days members have to make updates or status changes. Below is an abbreviated version of the rules:

  1. All listings must be entered into the MLS within five (5) business days.
  2. All updates and status changes must be entered into the MLS within three (3) business days.
  3. All information provided to the MLS must be accurate and/or verifiable.
  4. Sharing or knowingly providing unauthorized access to MARIS membership software or data contained within the MARIS systems is prohibited.
  5. Placing personal promotion, company promotion, showing instructions, websites or other commercial information within the listing is prohibited.
  6. Failure to make corrections within three (3) business days after proper notification of a violation of MLS rules or guidelines, will result in a fine.

Prior to the revision, we had some listing changes with shorter or longer deadlines. Our intent was to make it simple and easy to remember. We’d like to encourage you to review the rules in their entirety via section 10C of MARIS Rules and Regulations.

Escalation Process

We’ve decided to go against the industry norm and assume the best of our fantastic members. So, we are taking the approach of informing and educating our members before applying fines.

The new five step escalation process pertains to all identified and/or reported MLS rule violations within a two-year period. Below is a summary of the five step process:

  1. Educational information provided
  2. Warning notice provided
  3. Appropriate, reasonable fine
  4. Suspension of MLS rights
  5. Termination of MLS rights

We’d like to encourage you to review the full escalation process via Section 10 B of MARIS Rules and Regulations.

Recorded Agent Guideline

Due to continued and escalating member requests to alter listing attribution, MARIS has added a new guideline pertaining to the recorded agent. Please review MARIS guidelines via the rules and regulations page.

Guideline: Buyer Broker may assign any representative desired on the buy side of the MLS recorded representation. Listing Broker may assign any representative desired on the sell side of the MLS recorded representation. This may happen at any time during the listing period and/or up to 90 days after the closing status change. 

Did you know? The first photo within a listing no longer has to be an exterior shot? Now, the exterior photo simply needs to be included within the photo gallery.