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March 29, 2019

The Evolution of MARISMLS.COM

Since launching our new website in October, we have received a lot of positive press and feedback from our members and the real estate industry.

Vendor Alley, a blog written by the witty and charismatic Greg Robertson published some hard earned industry praise. Kevin Hawkin from WAV Group wrote a blushing bit after receiving a sneak peak at CMLS. Our web designers, 1000watt and web developers, WebSightDesign also shared social posts and blogs about our collaborative effort.

However, we didn't do it for the industry praise and attention - though it does feel rather nice to be noticed.

We did it for you! We did it because we thought you deserved a better experience - better videos and education, a better way to access news, support articles, business solutions, and resources. We know how busy our members are and we wanted to make it easier to find what you need, when you need it.

Implementing any new piece of technology and introducing any change to 13,000 people comes with its inevitable hiccups. 

We’ve come a long way from where we were! Checkout our progress:

Over the past few months we have made improvements to the login experience, and added an auto-launch feature for members that sign in via product tiles.

To date, we have received over 4 million pageviews. The pages that receive the most views are Products, Support, Learn, and News. We are continually watching the usage trends, listening to our members, anticipating needs, and identifying areas to improve.

Within the next week we will push several new features and improvements on the following pages:

Product Page. We are adding a news banner at the top of the page to help draw attention to new products, features, news, and education.

Support Page. We are adding a ‘New Members’ category to the FAQ section. Each of these categories will have anchors and links, so that we can easily refer our members to specific FAQ categories.

Learn Page. We are combining the class and webinar sub-pages to make it easier for members to view all classes, and easily toggle between the two. Class detail pages will also be added to provide you with direct links, more information, and related courses.

News Page. We are adding a subscribe to blog feature to help our members stay informed and connected.  

These changes were made largely due to member suggestions. We hope that you enjoy the new features, and would like to encourage you to keep sharing your perspective. We are here and we are listening!