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March 23, 2022

New Zoom Phones Maximize Your MARIS Call Experience

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Author: Randi Marie Penny - Member Engagement Specialist

MARIS has made the switch to Zoom phone systems!

The transition went smoothly, without downtime, and all services are working as expected. This switch will give us the ability to provide the best possible service utilizing both Zoom phone and webinar services.

While Zoom does provide us the option to convert an audio call to a zoom meeting, you do not have to be “camera ready” to call. We will continue to utilize Splashtop to connect to your system if we need to view your screen for further troubleshooting.

No phone numbers were harmed during the switch.

Below is a reminder of the emails/phone numbers available to reach us.




Main Line(s)

(314) 984-9111 (MO)

(618) 343-3030 (IL)



Option 1


Option 2


Option 3


Option 4


Listing Changes

Duplicate Listings

IDX or VOW Sites


As always, we are ready to help and looking forward to talking to you all via Zoom soon!