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April 6, 2022

Maximize Your Mobile MLS Data Access With Homesnap

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Author: Randi Marie Penny - Member Engagement Specialist

 Homesnap leverages real-time data to provide you with a powerful mobile solution that automates your work and accelerates your success from any location. This industry supported solution provides you with real-time mobile access to your most valuable asset: MLS data.

Get the most out of Homesnap by using these seven useful features:

Research properties. Use the search bar, click on the map, or simply take a photo of the listing with the camera icon to access property-specific details feeding from the MLS.Data includes third party school data, predictive analytics, and tax data to allow you to take a deep dive through the property from any location.

Click here to learn how to Search MLS Listings

Set a Safety Timer. Ensure someone can respond in the event you experience an emergency. You can select a specific amount of time and one or more contacts to notify should the timer expire.

With a distress alert option as the timer counts down, Homesnap provides you options to reach out to friends, co-workers, or family should an emergency occur with just the click of a button.

Click here to learn how to Set a Safety Timer

Send a Rapid CMA. Whether you are standing in line at the grocery store or out with your client send professional reports with 20-100 pages in a matter of minutes from your smart device.

Click here to learn how to Generate a Rapid CMA.

Walk the Parcel Lines. When you open the map in Homesnap, the parcel lines are drawn using county records. Using the blinking blue dot on the map, simply align the dot with the parcel lines and take your clients for a walk.

 Click here to learn how to Walk the Property Lines

Access Disclosures. Any disclosures added to a listing in Matrix are accessible through the Homesnap app within the confidential agent only sections of the property.

These disclosures are available to both view and share with your clients. You may need to download a PDF reader to your phone for easy access.

Click here to learn how to View Confidential Data

Predict Listings. Homesnap’s Likelihood to List feature uses predictive analytics and big data to maximize the effectiveness of your prospecting by showing you which homes are likely to list soon.
When looking at “All homes”, an agent only option, you can look at these analytics with map overlays or details displayed on the property information pages.

 Click here to learn how to View Likelihood to List

Invite your client to use the app. Clients love the feeling of autonomy that comes from being able to keep an eye on the marketplace. Homesnap allows them to search, save those searches, and communicate with you all from Homesnap’s user-friendly mobile app.

Putting all these tools in the palm of your hand, Homesnap continues to excel in connecting you to MLS data wherever you are. If you haven’t already, try out these features today!

More information:

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Click for feature information between Homesnap (for consumers),Homesnap Pro (for agents) and Homesnap Pro+ (an upgrade from your MARIS agent account).