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January 8, 2024

Clarification on New Construction as Residential

In September of 2022, we asked that agents with a Residential listing that did not fit the criteria below remove their listing from Residential and add it to New Construction.

* a foundation poured, 

* a partial to full framework, or

* any semblance of a dwelling being built on that lot (i.e. groundbreaking)

In doing so we noticed the propensity of agents to duplicate their listing into the residential category for greater exposure. For clarity, the goal of this update is to keep accurate data in the system. To that end, the MARIS Board of Directors has updated the policy to require that

* A complete foundation be poured to be entered into the Residential property type.

Please look at your listings and remove/update all listings that do not follow this requirement. If you need assistance with this update, please email between now and February 2nd. Beginning Feb 2nd compliance notices will be sent to any agents whose property has been found without a completed foundation within the Residential property type.

This is officially replacing the previous blog post from September 2022.

If there are any questions about this update, please contact our Compliance team via email at or by calling 314-984-9111 option 4.

Thank you!