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May 31, 2019

A Nurturing New Member Experience

The notion of an automated customer ‘Journey’ has circled around the marketing industry for some time, and slowly seeped into higher education and the real estate sector.  

But what is a customer journey, exactly? A journey is just that — an experience or path that people take. To successfully map that path, companies focus on observing behavioral themes in an effort to anticipate and better serve consumer needs. For MARIS, it’s all about walking in the consumer’s shoes, understanding what they need, and nurturing their development as they progress along their professional journey. 

“We believe in providing our members with seamless education that helps them be the best real estate professionals in the region,"

said Tim Dain, President and CEO of MARIS.

We’ve observed that it's really hard for new members to absorb everything in one fell swoop, and recognize the correlating success rate for new members that start out with the best tools, service and education available. So, we broke down our onboarding curriculum, and thoughtfully designed an enhanced experience that feeds new members educational tips and communications.

About the experience: New members will automatically enter the educational journey shortly after their MARIS account is created. This will trigger their "welcome" email, containing their login and other helpful information. Over the course of a month, we'll send automated emails every few days as we introduce them to products, education and best practices.