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November 26, 2019

A New Space for the MARIS Headquarters

Being in the real estate business, we deal with living space on a regular basis. We know that the space in which we live and work is extremely important – it serves as the social environment in which we create relationships and connect with other people. 

Here at MARIS we place a tremendous amount of importance on serving our members. Knowing the impact space has on relationships and the fact that we have grown our team in the past few years by adding staff to focus on improving our customer experience – it has come time for us to move into a space that meets our needs. 

Did you know, MARIS has been at 1714 Deer Tracks Trail since 2007? No worries though, we aren't going far – we are simply moving to another building within the same business park. 

Effective Monday December 9, 2019 MARIS will be located at 1716 Hidden Creek Ct, Suite 150, Saint Louis MO 63131

We would like to welcome you to stop by, say hi, or take the opportunity to attend one of our educational sessions in our new education room! 

We look forward to seeing you in our new location.