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January 27, 2022

2022 Winter Business Conference

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Author: Tracey Yost

 I can admit that when I first started going to the Missouri REALTOR® conferences in 2015, I didn’t see how it would benefit me as an Association or MLS staff member.  All the meetings were geared towards members.  Well, I was wrong, they provide a ton of value and it’s another way for those two worlds to come together.

I was able to attend Risk Awareness and Best Practices, Risk Management and Emerging Issues.  Those meetings are always informative and really give the attendees a sense of what industry issues or successes agents and associations are experiencing.  With all the new technology to assist REALTORS®, there will be those that continue to find a way around what is right.  

The Emerging Issues meeting went into great detail on the woes of cyberattacks, all the ways they affect your way of doing business and the costs of recovering hijacked company data.

I hope they continue to offer virtual access to the meetings as this is a great tool to keep everyone engaged in what’s going on even if they can’t attend in person.

Thank you to all the speakers and staff that put these conferences together, your work is not in vain. We do appreciate you!

Tracey D. Yost
Data Resolution & Compliance Specialist


Did you make it to the REALTOR® conference