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November 27, 2018

10 Ways to Know You're a Realtor

Not to be dramatic, but being a Realtor is a more than a job. Yes, it's a lifestyle and you breathe it every day. We wanted to prove that we're right there with you, so we've created this handy checklist. Chances are you've encountered at least half of these situations.

You might be a Realtor if...

1. Your phone never stops buzzing.

The little red dot by the email app on your phone definitely contains a number in the thousands.

2. You know weekends as mythical time periods your non-Realtor friends get to enjoy.

Wait - there are people in this world who have a regular schedule???

3. You show off photos of homes like they’re your children.

Your friend Karen is out here boasting about her two-year-old while you're proudly flipping through pics of that gorgeous craftsman with huge closets and an open-concept kitchen.

4. You save all your receipts.

One (hyphenated) word: write-offs.

5. Your trunk is ALWAYS filled with open house signs.

Good luck moving piles of these pointy little devils every time you need to buy groceries or pack for a trip.

6. You’re used to showing roughly a million listings only to have the buyers decide on the first place they saw.

"I just don't know. Let's revisit that place we saw 6 months ago..."

7. Your at-home face and your work face are not the same.

You slip that perfectly practiced cordial smile on and off like it's sweatpants at the beginning and end of a long day.

8. You have a favorite client.

Don't pretend like it isn't true.

9. When you drive by another agent’s sign, you slow down to take a look.

And probably do one of those two-fingered "I'm watching you" gestures because...competition.

10. There’s no better feeling than closing.

Put that fist in the air like Judd Nelson in The Breakfast Club - you did it!