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Top FAQS About MARIS Listing Status

Question. Which statuses accumulate (consecutive) Days on Market?

Answer. Active, Active Under Contract

Question. What do I do with Coming Soon listings?

Answer. It’s a marketing decision you need to make in the best interest of your client

Option A: MARIS has added a new selection option (No Showings) under the Showing Instructions drop down in listing maintenance. When selected you are communicating that the property is not available for showings. We also recommend that details relating to availability be added to the Agent Remarks. ShowingTime can be utilized to set up the calendar for available showings at the desired future data.

Option B: Any choice to advertise a listing outside of the MLS is one that belongs to you and your brokerage. You must ensure that the listing is properly exempt from the MLS if you choose to market the listing as coming soon.

Question. Will I be able to search for Closed leased listings without combing through all the Closed residential listings?

Answer. Yes, you will be able to search the status Closed + the transaction type Leased, to produce the desired results.

Question. Will I be able to reference the old status on the properties that have an eliminated status?

Answer. Yes, while the old statuses will not be available for selection, the history of statuses will remain for reference.

Question. How will the new MARIS statuses translate to consumer websites?

Answer. While we cannot provide an answer that will fit every website a consumer might access, we can provide generalized information that would apply to most websites. See the below chart.

If you have additional questions, please call us at 314.984.9111 option 1. We're always happy to help!



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