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How do I change my email and phone number in Matrix?

How to change your email address and phone number on the agent roster in Matrix.

1. Click the blue 'Input' tab from the Matrix toolbar

2. Then click the 'Edit Existing' link under the Roster section (located just below the Listing section).

3. The next screen will allow you to enter the Agent Id you want to modify and click the Modify button (or search for the agent if you need to).

4. The next screen will give you a blue link that says 'Agent Form' – simply click on the link to access the screen with the agent information that can be modified. This is where you can change your personal information including phone numbers, email address, and website.

Tip: For phone numbers, the Contact Phone Type of “Office” will always pull the phone number from the Office Roster. 

If you prefer to have a phone number other than the office phone as your primary, select ‘Additional’ as the Contact Phone Type. You must also select an Additional Contact Phone Type such as ‘Cellular’. You can then type in the phone number in the blank.

5. Be sure to click the blue 'Submit Agent' button at the bottom of the screen to save any changes.

Note: Please be sure to notify your Board/Association of any changes to your email address


​For additional information call us at 314.984.9111 option 1. We are always happy to help.

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