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November 10, 2022

New Construction (policy updated on Jan 8, 2024)

This article is out of date. Please see Clarification of New Construction as Residential

In September 2022, MARIS updated the New Construction rules to clarify when a listing should be in each property type.

"Any listings under the Residential Property Type that do not  fit the criteria below will have to be Withdrawn and copied to the New Construction or Residential Lots Property Type based on the criteria listed below:

  • a foundation poured, 
  • a partial to full framework, or
  • any semblance of a dwelling being built on that lot (i.e. groundbreaking)

Any listings that do have any of the abovementioned criteria, can remain in the Residential Property Type category and no further changes will be required."

Compliance is working with members to make sure they are aware of these policies and that all listings are being moved out of the Residential type if they do not apply. 

View Rules & Regulations Packet

Property Type Explanations

Residential Lots​New Construction
  • Real property without a building used for dwelling or commercial purposes.
  • Any property newly constructed or complete gut renovation, either completed or in
    the process of being completed, that is available to contract for purchase.
  • Builder models & floorplans.

Common Terms

The words below are often seen in listings that should be in the Residential Lots or New Construction category, not in Residential.

  • TBB
  • 2BBLT
  • Display Home
  • Coming Soon
  • Year Built equals current year

When a listing is in the wrong property type

If you notice or have a question on a listing being under the wrong property type, you may send that information to Compliance using the yellow triangle showing under the photo on the full display or by emailing the listing information and issue to

Please note: once Compliance receives the notice they will work with the Listing Agent to reach a resolution. The notifying agent will not be apprised of the steps taken to rectify the issue or any disciplinary action assessed. 


Please contact our compliance dept by email or phone 314-984-9111 option 4.