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MARIS Syndication Series: Oct 2023

What is Syndication?
How does an agent control syndication settings? 
Support tips & troubleshooting

MARIS Auto Email: July 2023 

Circles, Delete/Disable, and Opt-in Process

Edit your Contact and/or Auto Email

Concierge Mode and Reverse Prospect

System Setup for Auto Email

Search to Auto Email

MARIS Partner Product Series: June 2023

MyFloodStatus with Kim Jones ($)

TrustFunds with J.R. Garrick


E-Property Watch


MARIS Public Record Export Series: May 2023

Matrix Public Record



Homesnap (no export but similar data)

MARIS Listing Series: April 2023

Listing Policies and where to find them

Listing Capabilities Defined

Entering a listing, Mandatory fields, and Validation

Editing a Listing

Listing Changes MARIS can help with

New Products: One Home and MLS Touch - March 2023

One Home - Agent View

One Home - Client View

MLS-Touch - Agent View

MLS-Touch - Client View

CMA Series - February 2023

CMA Search Setup

Print Quick CMA

CMA Wizard

View Comparable Properties


Searching Series - January 2023

Search Symbols

Inrix Drive Time

Default Search Criteria, Map, and Results

Additional Fields

Map Features including layers

Housekeeping Series - December 2022

Profile Updates: Update your email, phone numbers, websites

Auto Email Updates: Update your banner, text notifications, and signature.

Home Page: Update your home screen and set customization for Market Watch

Communications from us for newsletters, blogs, et al. 

Know where to find forms, helpful documents, and more

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