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MARIS asks "Why is the MLS important?"

We ask because we seek to continually grow, discover, evolve and challenge the status quo. 



By Brad Inman, Founder, Inman News

If I was to be honest, which I try to be, I would say the MLS is not important. What is important is home and finding the perfect one for consumers. I often observe that MLSs are too close to their own stuff to understand why what it does is meaningful, not important. The MLS cannot truly hold its head high until it realizes it does meaningful work, like what I said in my opening at Connect SF 2018, about agents being in purposeful work. 

Important is a loaded term, if the MLS world thinks they are important, they can continue to be arrogant. When you are in service, you are not arrogant. The MLS should be about service, not systems, not platforms. Asking why the MLS is meaningful just might give us a slightly different set of answers. I may be wrong. But words are important.

PS: no one wants to see another video of Brad Inman, yuck.




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